Our history


The 1st French brand of sports supplements

This is difficult to imagine today, now that sports supplements have become completely democratized, and that not so long ago, buying protein powder was an obstacle course.

Those who started bodybuilding in France before the 2000s remember it!

At the beginning of the 90s, there were no French brands of supplements, so there were only two options for supplementing. The most expensive: ordering proteins from the United States at a very high or even inaccessible price and the most dangerous: crossing the border to buy your proteins at the risk of having the goods seized by customs on the way back!

It was to respond to this problem that Nutrimuscle was created in 1993, thus making history as the first French brand of bodybuilding supplements.

Difficult beginnings

Nutrimuscle was created by a bodybuilding and bodybuilding enthusiast who could not find high-quality products for his own consumption. He was then determined to fill this void in France by offering a wide range of quality supplements in a few years.

But at the time, this iron will alone was not enough to succeed. We must remember that 25 years ago, pharmaceutical laboratories had a virtual monopoly on the food supplement market. And in France to find this type of product, you had to go to a pharmacy and buy them over the counter.

French regulations were in line with this reality and almost wiped Nutrimuscle off the map! Present at fitness fairs to promote its products, the brand had its merchandise seized by the police and appeared in court twice! A scenario that is simply unimaginable today.

We must remember that in the mid-1990s, creatine, a now essential supplement for all athletes, was banned for sale because it was considered a doping product! And this did a lot of damage to its reputation, so much so that even today, opening your jar of creatine on public transport can attract a lot of bad looks.

Maintain our vision at all costs

Historically based in Franche-Comté, Nutrimuscle operated on French soil for many years, a long period during which the brand struggled to develop a market that did not exist in France and to develop the practice of bodybuilding.

Nutrimuscle then fought vigorously for all bodybuilding enthusiasts, but we had to face the facts: the task was impossible to achieve in France.

But no question of giving up! The brand then took its destiny in hand with the desire to perpetuate its vision of supplements and sport: the establishment of Nutrimuscle in Belgium then seemed obvious.

Indeed, Belgian law gave precedence to European regulations which authorized the marketing of supplements such as creatine and carnitine unlike France. In this way Nutrimuscle has been able to develop its range of products for athletes and build over the years the reference brand of food supplements for bodybuilding.

Revolutionizing the supplement market

As a true sports and bodybuilding enthusiast, Nutrimuscle has set out to offer quality supplements with a sustainability approach. The idea was simple but the ambition was big! Indeed, very quickly, the brand was confronted with the reality of an opaque market, full of pitfalls and questionable practices.

By working with numerous suppliers in search of quality raw materials, Nutrimuscle quickly realized that manufacturers were in a logic of profit to the detriment of quality. No qualms for the Consumer! Between manufacturers who seek to sell old batches at knockdown prices, and the techniques of resellers to extend expiry dates or mask the taste of low-end proteins resulting from poor filtration, the food supplement market hides many pitfalls.

This is when Nutrimuscle undergoes its transformation and puts everything in place to become a demanding brand based on three axes: purity, traceability and transparency.

Nutrimuscle then understands that if it wants to win this challenge and last over time, it must quickly become an expert in both the manufacturing processes and the dosages of the mixtures and know all the latest innovations concerning supplementation for athletes. The brand then begins the development of a scientific and methodical approach, going against the market.

Nutrimuscle then aims to institutionalize the reliability and effectiveness of its products, its weapons to do so? The extensive search for the best suppliers for each raw material and the carrying out of counter-analyses to ensure the quality of the production. The brand then becomes renowned in the sports world, because it is the only one to advocate the traceability of its raw materials and disclose quality certificates to the consumer.

Nutrimuscle is also growing thanks to its choice of transmitting knowledge and its desire to demystify the food supplement market even if it means denouncing the questionable practices of unscrupulous manufacturers and resellers! No pity for the scammers who amass money on the backs of poorly informed Consumers! Nutrimuscle's mission is to guide athletes and alert them to questionable practices by players in the supplement market.

The Brand then becomes a renowned advice platform on which connoisseurs come to find out and discuss their passions. This is the birth of the Nutrimuscle community!

To best meet the new high expectations of a demanding clientele, Nutrimuscle is initiating a collaboration with experts, qualified nutritionists, sports coaches... and of course with the world expert in food supplements and friend of the masses, Michael Gundill, who has been supporting the brand for over 10 years.

Innovating for the consumer, just for the consumer

Nutrimuscle has a motto: “we do not sell what we would not consume”. In addition to having always been faithful to this philosophy, the brand has continued to bring innovations to the general public to always meet the same objective: to offer athletes the best supplements to increase their performance and to develop a long-term practice. term.

It is by wanting to sustainably transform the market and at the same time force the competition to align with these quality criteria that Nutrimuscle has become the benchmark brand in terms of innovations. It is like this:

• The first brand to offer native whey in Europe;

• The first brand to offer micellar casein in Europe;

• The first brand to offer certified organic native whey;

• The first brand to use only fresh batches of raw materials.

Nutrimuscle continues its innovation and in 2020 becomes the first European brand to offer native whey with ceramic microfiltration!

Nutrimuscle today

After 27 years of existence, Nutrimuscle continues to offer the best products at the best price without betraying its identity.

Nutrimuscle does not give in to fashion or the call of profit, unlike the opportunists who improvised as protein sellers overnight to get their share of the loot.

At Nutrimuscle, we are Consumers and practitioners above all. And despite the appearance of competition with aggressive prices attracting customers with promotional codes, our brand held on.

At Nutrimuscle, no low-cost raw materials, no fanciful mixtures to mask the questionable quality of the proteins: only completely internalized production to control quality, freshness and cost.

We continue to apply our vision of sport and supplements for athletes, with always the same seriousness in the sourcing of suppliers, in the research and development of products, in production and down to the smallest detail on our packaging. And yes, even after 27 years of existence, we still manually stick our labels on our pots!

The Nutrimuscle team