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Why should you take your protein every 3 hours?

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Have you often heard that it is necessary to consume protein every three hours? Nutrimuscle accompanies you to tell you more. Why do you have to take your protein every three hours?

Why is it better to take your protein every 3 hours?

What is the ideal distribution of its protein intake to gain muscle? Do you need to take a lot of protein infrequently or is it better to use a little at a time, but very often?

This is the question answered by a very good study published in 2012.

Regular strength training men had to ingest 80g of whey isolate over a 12-hour period after thigh workouts (1).

Three different distributions were tested:

  • Method 1: 8 doses of 10 g each, spaced 1.5 hours apart.
  • Method 2: 4 doses of 20 g each, 3 hours apart.
  • Method 3: 2 doses of 40 g each, 6 hours apart.

For the 8 very divided doses (method 1), the level of protein synthesis (anabolism) is higher by:

  • 32%, compared to the double take (method 3).
  • 19%, compared to 4 intakes (method 2).

If method 1 produces the most anabolism, it is unfortunately also this method which also induces the most catabolism; the level of protein destruction is greater than:

  • 57%, compared to the double take (method 3).
  • 51%, compared to the intermediate dose (method 2).

When we take the overall balance, the strategy that allows the most anabolism for the least catabolism remains method 2, with its splitting into 4 doses of 20 g of whey each. This is the method that bodybuilders have instinctively adopted for a long time.

Science therefore confirms what athletes have developed empirically.

Scientific references

(1) Moore DR. Daytime pattern of post-exercise protein intake affects whole-body protein turnover in resistance-trained males. Nutrition & Metabolism 2012, 9:91

Written on 1/10/2022 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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