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What supplements to take immediately after training

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After a workout, if you don't give your body what it needs to recover from effort, you will not be able to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. In addition, after training, your body has a greater capacity to absorb carbohydrates and proteins. So now is the perfect time to provide nutrients to your muscles so that they gain volume.

In this article, discover the essential supplements to take immediately after your workout.

How to stop muscle catabolism and stimulate the process of muscle recovery?

After a weight training session, your body finds itself in a situation of muscle catabolism. During exercise, your body needs more energy. So, to produce the energy it needs, your body uses the amino acids in your muscles. This phenomenon leads to destruction of your muscle fibers, and therefore loss of muscle!

If the catabolic state is not stopped, you may lose the benefits of your workout. It is therefore essential to provide your body with protein and amino acids (components of protein). Why ? Because, initially, it will allow your body to stop the destruction of your muscle tissue and to recover better. Secondly, protein synthesis will allow your muscle fibers to rebuild. You will therefore be able to benefit from optimal muscle growth.

BCAAs to promote muscle recovery

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are essential amino acids. They cannot be synthesized by our body, so they must be supplied to our body through food or supplementation. There are 3 branched amino acids in BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The leucine present in BCAAs helps stimulate muscle building. Isoleucine and Valine increase anabolism. BCAAs then allow:

  • to optimize muscle mass gain after training by stimulating protein synthesis
  • promote muscle recovery

There are several types of BCAAs that differ from each other in their ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAA Constructors have a ratio of 4.1.1 and are therefore "overdosed" in leucine. BCAA Resistance has a ratio of 2.1.2.

If you are under 35, we advise you to take BCAA Resistance (2 scoops of Leucine, 1 scoop of Isoleucine, 2 scoops of Valine) because the assimilation of Valine is less good when you are young.

If you are over 35, we recommend that you take BCAA Constructors (4 scoops of Leucine, 1 scoop of Isoleucine, 1 scoop of Valine) because the absorption of Leucine decreases from the age of 35.⁠

Whey protein to optimize recovery and muscle growth

Taking a protein powder after a workout is essential for giving your muscles the amino acids they need to recover and grow. Whey Native, a protein directly derived from cow's milk, is the essential supplement to achieve your muscle gain goals. Its composition rich in amino acids (essential as non-essential) provides your body with complete nutritional protein coverage.

However, there are several types of native whey protein that are relevant to your needs. We recommend two for your post-workout supplement:

Musclewhey: If you plan to eat your meal soon after your workout, we recommend that you take Musclewhey. In fact, this protein is a combination of native whey and native whey isolate allowing rapid digestion, so you can easily eat your meal afterwards. This protein provides powerful anabolism ideal for your muscle building goals.

Musclewhegg: this protein is a mixture of native whey and egg white protein. If you want to space your meals more apart and avoid increasing your protein intake, Musclewhegg is the ideal choice. This is because egg white protein provides a filling effect and is digested more slowly than native whey. The advantage of Musclewhegg lies in its two-tier action: rapid anabolism from native whey and sustained release of amino acids from egg white.

Finally, in addition to your BCAA and protein supplementation, we also advise you to take carbohydrates. These will act in synergy with your protein to help you recover better and maximize your muscle anabolism. We recommend low-glycemic carbohydrates such as powdered sweet potato or oatmeal or barley.

Here is a simple post-workout mix to make: Musclewhey or Musclewhegg + BCAA Resistance + Flakes or Sweet Potato.

Written on 1/10/2022 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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