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Vegetarian, halal, kosher diet: Nutrimuscle proteins

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Do you follow a vegetarian diet, do you eat halal or kosher in order to respect your religious convictions? Here is how Nutrimuscle supports you when choosing your proteins.

Nutrimuscle proteins respect everyone's religious convictions

At Nutrimuscle, we are convinced that religious convictions should not act as a brake on progress, by preventing protein supplementation.

Thus, Nutrimuscle proteins have the double certification: halal and kosher.

Is Nutrimuscle protein suitable for a vegetarian diet?

Many vegetarians, especially athletes, need to supplement protein in order to maintain the integrity of their lean mass (bones + muscles) or to strengthen their muscles.

Milk proteins are particularly suitable because of their exceptional nutritional qualities, and because they contain all the acids essential for health and muscles.

What does the halal mention for Nutrimuscle proteins consist of?

The cows which give their milk are alive and therefore no slaughter method is applied.

Our certifications prove that the milk comes from farms respecting the breeding conditions of cows, in particular no intensive breeding, herds in pastures, feeding controls ... Which is good for the health of the consumer, that whether or not he is a believer.

Affected products and halal and kosher certificates

Written on 12/31/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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