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All about maca: its benefits for health and sport

Maca is a plant used in traditional Peruvian medicine for over 3,000 years. It is now marketed all over the world thanks to its many health and sports benefits: it stimulates energy, boosts performance and improves mood.
Tout savoir sur la maca : ses bienfaits pour la santé et le sport

Maca is a plant used in traditional Peruvian medicine for over 3,000 years. It is now marketed all over the world thanks to its many health and sports benefits: it stimulates energy, boosts performance and improves mood.

Contents :

  1. The origin of maca
  2. A multifaceted plant
  3. Which maca to choose?

The origin of maca

Maca, from its Latin name Lepidium meyenii , also called Peruvian ginseng or Peruvian poppy is a root plant of the Brassicaceae family (like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage). Considered a superfood for centuries, maca is a plant that is full of secrets both in its nutritional richness and in its history. A relative of the radish, with a pungent and specific smell, it is grown in the sun on the plateau of the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of around 4,000 meters. The first species was described in the wild in the extreme south of Peru by the German botanist Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers in 1843. Even before, starting from the Spanish conquest, its cultivation was recognized by several chroniclers and conquistadors. Maca was finally commercialized internationally only in 1990, thanks to the help of Japanese President Alberto Fujimori who praised this multifaceted plant.

Today, maca is more and more widespread in the world and its marketing is experiencing an exponential increase. It is its root that is consumed and marketed in powder form.

Maca an exceptional superfood

Maca is a plant with a thousand virtues. Consumed in the Neolithic era, its energizing power was and is also highlighted thanks to its composition and its varied and complete nutritional intake.

Maca is considered a superfood: it naturally provides numerous health benefits thanks to its high nutritional value. Superfoods have been around for centuries and are packed with powerful nutrients. Most of the time they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals. All renowned active compounds to ensure the well-being of our body. The list of superfoods is long, ranging from plants, roots, vegetables, berries and fruits. Examples of superfoods: Goji berries, ginger, camu-camu and even nuts!

Unparalleled nutritional value

The nutritional value of maca is comparable to that of cereals such as rice and wheat. Dried, the water content of maca decreases to reach 10%, against 80% when consumed fresh.

The average composition of maca is:

  • 60-75% carbohydrates;
  • 10-14% protein;
  • 8.5% fiber;
  • 2.2% fat.

With a vegetable protein intake of 10%, and a rate of essential fatty acids and omega-3, maca contributes to the proper functioning of the body and allows it to perform optimally. Maca is also rich in calcium and potassium and contains essential trace elements such as iron, iodine and zinc which help strengthen the immune system in athletes. As well as fatty acids and many amino acids. The plant itself is an essential complement in the context of sports nutrition.

A multifaceted plant

Health Benefits

If maca has evolved so much in recent years, it is obviously for its increasingly recognized virtues. The root of the plant is now renowned for its effects on general physical and mental well-being. In times of stress, it will relieve your anxiety by favoring relaxation and relaxation of the mind. In the event of an important event, it will help you maintain unfailing concentration thanks to the contribution of tone.

In addition, traditional medicine also recognizes its aphrodisiac power: the plant would have effects on libido and fertility.

Improved athletic performance

A real energizing plant, maca will accompany you in your workouts as well as in all your performances. Indeed, thanks to its unequaled nutritional value and its richness in carbohydrates, the plant helps to boost the body effectively. Protein also improves physical performance and helps facilitate muscle development. Its effectiveness at all levels makes it essential whether before training (for tone) or after exercise (by reducing the intensity of inflammation).

Which maca to choose?

The choice of your supplement is always important when you want to obtain the best effects. At Nutrimuscle, as consumers of our products, we favor transparency and quality for our producers and our supplements. This is why Maca Nutrimuscle comes from the supplier Guayapi, administrator member of Fair Trade, noble and ethical. Nutrimuscle Organic Maca respects fundamental criteria that allow consumers to benefit from the best possible quality, with intact effects. Our Maca is also made from a blend of 18 different maca root powders. Each type of maca has a unique effect, so Nutrimuscle Maca benefits from the combined effects of this synergistic blend.

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