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What are minerals?

Minerals are essential elements used by the body to ensure the proper functioning of many physiological functions. Minerals are categorized as "micronutrients" because they are found in small amounts in the body. It is necessary to provide them via a diet rich in animal and plant sources and if necessary via an appropriate supplement.

Minerals are extremely important for the athlete as for the sedentary, because they participate in the construction of bones and muscles. In particular, minerals are essential for:

  • Muscular contraction
  • Tissue regeneration
  • The production and transmission of nerve impulses
  • Regulation of metabolic reactions

Why does the athlete have a greater need for minerals?

The athlete and more particularly the one practicing strength sports have even more need of minerals than the sedentary. Indeed, their muscles are used more (stronger and more regular contractions) and their recovery needs are greater (close training). Minerals therefore take an even more important place through their beneficial effects on strength, tissue reconstruction, the fight against oxidative stress and the transmission of nerve impulses.

In addition, when most needed, the athlete is generally in a situation of mineral deficiency. Why? Because the athlete who performs intense training will automatically raise his body temperature and therefore increase his sweating. It will therefore eliminate / lose minerals by sweating. Several studies have notably reported this correlation between mineral losses and sweating in athletes (1-2-3)

In addition, the athlete following a diet involving a calorie restriction has even bigger mineral deficiencies when he needs it most. Hence the value of a mineral supplement that can help him improve his performance and limit his deficiencies while respecting the caloric intakes that he has set for himself.

The minerals to favor for bodybuilding


Zinc is a mineral micro-nutrient which has an essential role in the realization of more than 100 vital enzymatic reactions for the organism.

Zinc is very important for the athlete because it helps maintain good testosterone levels. Indeed, low levels of zinc in athletes are associated with a decrease in testosterone levels. However, this hormone helps support muscle growth and limit fatigue during training. Zinc also helps reduce the incidence of inflammation caused by strenuous exercise and strengthens the immune system.

These benefits allow the athlete to maintain his performance over the long term.

Nutrimuscle offers Zinc Ultimine™ which has superior bioavailability and stronger assimilation power. Find out more.


Selenium is a trace element with antioxidant properties which plays an essential role in metabolic reactions. Selenium thanks to its antioxidant function helps fight free radicals which results in less muscle damage after training.

The body is constantly producing free radicals: molecules that attack cells. The athlete produces even more because of the intense effort experienced in training. In this context, selenium supplementation is recommended.

Nutrimuscle offers selenium in the l-selenomethionine form which presents a more efficient assimilation for the athlete. Find out more.


Magnesium is a mineral which plays an important role in the realization of 300 enzymatic reactions allowing in particular the synthesis of proteins, the good functioning of the muscles and the nerves, the regulation of the glycemia as well as the control of the blood pressure.

Magnesium is important for the athlete because it helps maintain muscle mass, reduce muscle damage and better fight against inflammation.

Nutrimuscle offers magnesium citrate combining two active molecules for the athlete (citrate and magnesium). It is the ideal form of magnesium to take before a workout. Indeed, the action of citrate consists in raising the athlete's pH, which is lowered due to the acid that the muscles generate during an effort. Find out more.


Potassium is an electrolyte which makes it possible to generate the nerve impulses essential for muscle contraction. It also has an important role in the production of ATP, a molecule that provides cells with energy. Potassium is also involved in the transport of glucose in the muscles and thus allows better use of energy during training.

Nutrimuscle offers two forms of potassium:

  • potassium bicarbonate combines two active molecules for the athlete (bicarbonate and potassium). This form is ideal for optimizing the assimilation of potassium and has a strong basifying action to maintain the acid-base balance. This form is recommended for those who perform intense workouts which greatly acidify the blood. Find out more.
  • potassium citrate combines two active molecules for the athlete (citrate and potassium). It is a form easier to use than bicarbonate because it is less basic thanks to the citrate. Find out more.

Discover the Nutrimuscle range of minerals.


Scientific references:

(1) Wenk, Hans-Rudolf. (2006). Minerals : their constitution and origin / Hans-Rudolf Wenk and Andrei Bulakh. SERBIULA (sistema Librum 2.0).

(2) DeRuisseau K.C., et al. Sweat iron and zinc losses during prolonged exercise. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2002 Dec ; 12(4) :428-37.

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Written on 12/21/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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