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Standard sheathing and custom sheathing: which one to choose according to your needs

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Standard sheathing or custom sheathing, we present to you the advantages and the limits of each of them. Which is the most suitable gainer for you? Which proteins for its gainer and which carbohydrates? We answer all your questions.

Standard sheathing and custom sheathing: which one is most suitable for your needs?

Gainers are formulated to gain muscle and strength as quickly as possible for athletes who are unable to gain weight with a conventional diet or who cannot eat enough.

There are ready-made gainers, but it is also possible to make a custom-made homemade gainer. Each objective must correspond to its gainer.

Benefits of Nutrimuscle's Musclemass gainer

  • Everything is already ready, the only decision to be made concerns the dosage;
  • There is no fiber, which facilitates and speeds up digestion;
  • Low in fat;
  • Excellent value.

Limits of standard gainer

  • Not organic;
  • Less rich in micronutrients than custom gainers;
  • No fiber, which can be a disadvantage (but also an advantage);
  • You have no choice of the type of protein or the type of carbohydrate;
  • We can only change the dosage over time depending on its progression.

Advantages of the custom-made sheathing

  • It responds better to individual goals;
  • You choose your type of protein;
  • We choose the quality of our carbohydrates;
  • We decide on its protein / carbohydrate ratio;
  • You can adapt your sheathing at the time of taking, for a day sheather and a night sheather;
  • It can easily be changed over time;
  • We can do 100% organic;
  • It can be made rich in fiber and micronutrients;
  • The price per kilo is not necessarily much higher than that of a standard gainer.

Limits of the custom-made sheathing

  • You have to know a little about it to make the right choice of ingredients according to your objectives;
  • It is necessary to make a mixture from several different raw materials;
  • Bigger base investment due to having to buy at least two different ingredients.

A made-to-measure sheathing is easy to do!

While it may seem overwhelming to a beginner, tailoring a custom sheath is much easier than it looks.

Just answer simple questions about both your goals and your metabolism.

Which proteins for your gainer?

No matter how much I eat, I don't take a gram

You need a whey, because its very rapid assimilation allows you to multiply the meals.

As soon as I make the slightest deviation, I gain fat

You need casein, because its very slow assimilation makes it possible to space out meals as much as possible.

Between these two extremes

You can make a fast protein / slow protein mix. The less weight you gain easily, the more emphasis should be placed on whey. On the contrary, the more easily you take in fat, the more it will be necessary to favor casein over whey.

I have little space between two big meals to slip my gainer into a snack

You need a whey, because its very rapid assimilation allows you to eat very quickly after taking it.

I have to cover a large space between my main meals

You need casein or total protein which is slowly absorbed.

What carbohydrates for your gainer?

No matter how much I eat, I don't take a gram

It takes carbohydrates such as maltodextrin or glucose, which assimilate quickly, while requiring little effort from the digestive system. A whey / glucose synergy will act as an insulin booster, a naturally anabolic hormone, which will help you gain muscle quickly.

As soon as I make the slightest deviation, I gain fat

It is necessary to privilege fibers which slow down digestion therefore barley compared to oats. Opt for the cereal in flakes, rather than powder.

What is the carbohydrate / protein ratio?

No matter how much I eat, I don't take a gram

You need to increase the proportion of carbohydrates in order to increase your total calorie intake. 

As soon as I make the slightest deviation, I gain fat

You have to be very careful with less carbohydrates. Protein should be favored.

Day gainer vs night gainer

During the day, we will promote carbohydrates as well as fast proteins.

In the evening or at night, we will promote proteins with slower assimilation and we will reduce the proportion of carbohydrates.

How to enrich your gainer?

We recommend that you always enrich your gainer with at least 1 g of creatine. The gainer will optimize the assimilation of creatine by the muscles and the creatine will optimize the anabolic action of the gainer.

You can also enrich it with BCAAs to get more anabolism with less protein and therefore fewer calories.

Written on 12/27/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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