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Proteins: an intense diversion by the digestive system

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Nutrimuscle informs you about proteins. Here are details about the links between proteins and the digestive system. Does the latter consume a lot of protein?

Protein assimilation

A 2011 study looked at how our bodies process the proteins that we consume at certain times of the day.

It shows us that for a 20 g intake taken in the morning or after 8 hours without a meal, half of these 20 g of proteins is consumed by the digestive system in order to ensure the proper renewal of its own cells. This leaves only 10 g for the rest of the body and in particular for the muscles (1).

Looting of proteins by the digestive system

Indeed, the people tested in these studies went about 8 hours without eating before the start of the experiment in order to ensure that proteins from a previous meal did not distort the data. This looting of proteins by the digestive system is therefore less in a person who has eaten recently. However, it remains nonetheless true that the intake of amino acids by the digestive system, for its own consumption, is high, even if it corresponds to a real physiological need on the part of the organs, this makes all the more less protein for the muscles.

In conclusion, we understand that in the morning, after the night fast, you have to wake up with a mega-dose of protein, and change your intake protocol, because at that time, the digestive system will take a very large part of the proteins of this first meal. By overdosing his intake, we guarantee that his muscles, too, will receive enough protein to cover their needs.

Scientific references

(1) Pennings B. Exercising before protein intake allows for greater use of dietary protein-derived amino acids for de novo muscle protein synthesis in both young and elderly men. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Feb;93(2):322-31.

Written on 1/3/2022 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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