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Nutrimuscle flavors: our gastronomic proteins

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Nutrimuscle pays particular attention to its aromas. This is why we wanted to tell you more and present them to you in detail.

All you need to know about Nutrimuscle's aromas

Nutrimuscle only uses vegetable flavors. This is unlike others who use chemicals to provide their protein with a sweet taste. Indeed, many unwise consumers think that if their protein tastes good, it is because it is of high quality.

The truth is quite different: a protein that is outrageously reminiscent of the good desserts normally forbidden to athletes means only one thing: it contains many chemicals.

No exaggerated aromas in our proteins

At Nutrimuscle, no exaggerated aromas reminiscent of the taste of children's chewing gum. We focus on the taste value of our aromas rather than on an excess of perfume hiding a lack of quality.

On the other hand, none of the raw materials used by Nutrimuscle have undergone ionizing treatment. This obviously includes the aromas.

The different Nutrimuscle flavors

Nutrimuscle plays on transparency, here is how each of the aromas is developed:

Organic chocolate flavor

It comes from a real lean organic defatted cocoa, produced by NEDERLAND, a renowned chocolate maker who has been making chocolate since 1935. Thanks to the cocoa, the brown color is natural, so it does not come from artificial coloring.

Since 2019 we have only used organic cocoa in the development of our chocolate flavored recipes.

Vanilla flavor

It contains a dual source of aroma from ROBERTET, a French company created in 1850, which is today one of the world leaders in aromatic products.

One flavor is composed of vanilla cream, the other of vanilla bean. It is also these pods that explain the presence of tiny black dots on the white vanilla background.

Strawberry flavor

The strawberry taste is obtained thanks to concentrated strawberry juice from ROBERTET. The pink color comes from beet juice concentrate.

Banana flavor

The banana taste comes from a mixture of aromatic substances from ROBERTET, identical to the natural aromatic extracts of bananas. The yellow color is obtained thanks to the extract of a plant widely used in cooking: turmeric.

Nutrimuscle relies on the taste value of its aromas rather than on an excess of perfume hiding a lack of quality.

Written on 12/29/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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