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The benefits of CLA oil

Used by many athletes to burn fat, CLA oil is an ally for weight loss. Nutrimuscle explains everything there is to know about CLA oil.
Les bienfaits de l'huile de CLA

Used by many athletes to burn fat, CLA oil is an ally for weight loss. Nutrimuscle explains everything there is to know about CLA oil.


  • What is CLA?
  • Where does CLA come from?
  • The benefits of CLA oil
  • CLA Side Effects

What is CLA Oil?

Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) are natural fatty acids (Omega 6) from the family of polyunsaturated fatty acids which have multiple properties. They are used in bodybuilding, especially by bodybuilders for the purpose of drying.

There are several forms of conjugated linoleic acids, including:

  • the isometric 9cis,11trans-CLA form, mainly anti-inflammatory
  • the 10trans, 12cis-CLA form, involved in many catabolic processes such as lipolysis and fat oxidation.

Where does CLA come from?

CLA is not present in the body and must be provided by an exogenous source. In food, it is present in beef and dairy products. Indeed, CLA is digested by grazing animals: green plants that contain linoleic acid are then converted into conjugated linoleic acid thanks to an enzyme present in their digestive system. CLA is then stored in muscle tissue but is also present in the milk of cattle.

Why supplement with CLA?

Although vegans are most likely to be lacking in CLA, the general population is affected by deficiencies. Indeed, CLA is less and less present in the diet because cattle are fed more oats and barley rather than pasture.

CLA oil in the form of a food supplement provides the daily needs necessary for the body, i.e. minimum 3g. By consuming meat and dairy, the absorbed doses of CLA do not exceed 0.5 g per day.

The benefits of CLA oil

CLA has many benefits, especially for weight loss.

  • It reduces excess localized fat. CLA oil inhibits the Stearoly-CoA enzyme which converts saturated fatty acids to monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are the main constituents of the substrate for fat deposition in adipose tissue and between organs. By increasing lipase activity, fat is used as an energy source by muscle cells instead of being stored. In addition, CLA increases apoptosis, in other words the cell death of preadipocytes and adipocytes.
  • This fat burning is not without effect on cellulite. Indeed, cellulite is a local accumulation of fat which gives rise to a modification of adipose tissue. A study in mice demonstrated that CLA supplementation increased total carnitine palmitoyltransferase activity in adipose tissue. The effects of CLA would be partially due to a reduction in the deposition of fat as well as to the phenomena of lipolysis and oxidation in the adipocytes.

CLA oil for bodybuilding

CLA oil is used for weight loss and for cutting, as mentioned above. However, CLA is also said to have other benefits for bodybuilding. According to a meta-analysis of 42 studies, it seems that CLA has anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory properties.

CLA Side Effects

The minimum recommended dose of CLA is 3g to be able to observe effects. It is not recommended to exceed the dose of 5g. Side effects can occur in case of overdose and result in nausea, vomiting, or digestive discomfort. These symptoms do not appear as long as the recommended daily dose is respected.

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