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Innovation: native proteins with ceramic microfiltration

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Nutrimuscle continues to innovate in the quality of supplements for athletes

As active consumers of our products, we are continually striving for the best quality in all of the supplements we offer to you.

We are now the first on the European market to market native whey obtained through ceramic microfiltration, allowing the creation of an even better quality protein!

We were already the first to market native bioactive proteins, obtained directly from microfiltered milk. This allowed unlike most whey cheese on the market to have:

  • a protein with a high quality aminogram
  • a non-denatured protein and not contaminated by GMP
  • a protein that has not been in contact with GMOs

From now on, our new native whey presents:

A composition even richer in useful minerals for good recovery: the quantity of potassium is thus multiplied by 3. There is also more magnesium.

  • increased microbiological quality with even fewer bacteria and other contaminants
  • a very high quality aminogram with excellent preservation of amino acids
  • a lighter, more milky taste

In summary, this new innovation helps preserve the intrinsic quality of milk while removing as much impurities as possible.

And in the continuity of our consumer logic, we offer you this whey of better quality at the same price!

All of the following products use our new whey: musclewhey, protimuscle, muscle mass, lean gainer, native whey

We are therefore going even further in the quality offered and we continue to develop products based on these three criteria that we consider essential:

  • the quality of the raw materials
  • the optimization of the performance obtained
  • consumer health

It is this last point that mainly motivated the choice of our new native whey. At Nutrimuscle, we develop a logic of long-term consumption for a sustainable practice of sport, which is why we believe that every detail counts.

Indeed, for us, the small details make the big innovations, especially when the product concerned is consumed regularly like our native whey.

So, like the water we drink every day, we want our whey to be as healthy as possible. The ceramic microfiltration of our whey is also comparable to the ceramic filtration of water, allowing an increased elimination of certain heavy metals and contaminants..


Written on 12/24/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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