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How to recover better at night after exercise

After intense training, the body needs to recover in order to be able to sustain the same level of exertion the next day. Night is the crucial time for the body to rest and regenerate. Poor sleep inevitably leads to poor recovery. In this article, we help you understand the mechanisms of nighttime recovery and how to improve it.

What is the role of sleep in your performance and how can you improve it?

If you practice intense training repeatedly, then recovery is of the utmost importance. Indeed, without it, you risk being subject to muscle fatigue, which will weaken your muscle tissue, increase your chances of injury, but also cause nervous and cerebral exhaustion. Maxime Krantz, sports coach, explained to us the role that sleep played in recovery:

“The amount of sleep needed each night varies from person to person. Sleep is divided into several phases. For the athlete, the deep sleep phases are essential because this is the moment when the body secretes large amounts of growth hormones, essential for the regeneration of our muscle tissue. This mechanism explains in particular the decisive role of sleep on the recovery of muscle damage caused by training. It also justifies the inescapable need to respect adequate sleep for athletes who undertake a diet intended to increase their muscle mass. "

This recovery, which takes place at night, is articulated on several levels: articular, nervous, muscular, and in terms of energy. You still need to have quality sleep to optimize your physical and mental regeneration!

To have a good sleep, the body must be able to relax, relax. Some natural supplements help promote sleep while improving recovery. ZMP, a mixture of zinc and magnesium pidolates, relaxes the body, improving the quality of sleep and its restorative effects on the body.

At the same time, taking Lactium (a natural molecule in milk) can help reduce stress, which is a factor in insomnia in the event of too much cortisol; its decrease therefore promotes better sleep.

To make your choice easier and to synthesize all your needs in one and the same food supplement, we have designed the Night Recovery Protein Blend to allow you to accelerate your recovery in both muscles, joints and nerves.

Our Night Recovery Protein Blend is a blend specially designed to optimize muscle, joint and nerve recovery overnight.

Our Blend contains Total Protein, Collagen Peptide Peptan® 1, Glycine, Creatine, L-glutamine, Magnesium, Zinc, Lactium, prebiotics and probiotics.

Night Recovery Protein Blend Total Protein contains 80% casein and 20% whey. The slow digestion of casein helps provide muscles with all the amino acids they need to recover overnight.

This will allow you to repeat your efforts with the same intensity and manage your progress more consistently.


Photo : @florian_roche

Athlete : Lucile from @koezionjump

Written on 12/31/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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