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How to optimise your recovery after training

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If you train regularly, recovery is essential. Intense training depletes your energy reserves, destroys your muscle fibers, weakens your joints and causes mental fatigue.

Poor physical and mental recovery will not only make you less efficient and less strong in your next training session, but it will also increase your risk of injury.

Elise Bonnet, a player with Dijon Football Côte d'Or in the 1st division explains why recovery is essential in her sport:

 Elise Bonnet - Dijon FCO

"Recovery is an important factor for me in order to be able to repeat my training efforts on a daily basis. I train twice a day, so I need to recover as well and as quickly as possible.

A better recovery makes me perform better on the field because my energy reserves are sufficiently filled. The fact that I have had a good muscular, psychological and cognitive recovery allows me to delay the effects of fatigue as much as possible and therefore to play my matches for longer while being at 100% of my physical capacity.

To improve my recovery I rely on the sessions set up by my physical trainer, on the training sessions led by my coaches and on an adapted supplementation to have the most efficient recovery possible.

The main supplements I use on a daily basis are protein sources with Musclewhey and Native Whey for muscle fiber recovery and growth, collagen for joint recovery, BCAA, creatine and magnesium."

As Elise explained, to improve your endurance, you need to optimise 4 types of recovery:

  • Energy recovery
  • Muscular recovery
  • Joint recovery
  • Nerve recovery

Here are our sports nutrition tips to improve each of these recoveries:

How to improve energy recovery

Most athletes who are competing in endurance events do not meet the recommended carbohydrate intake of 6-8 grams per day per kilo of body mass. Yet these nutrients should be at the core of the dietary plan of athletes wishing to progress in endurance. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body, reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery after training.

It is therefore essential to provide your body with carbohydrates after training so that your energy stores can be replenished and your body can recover from the effort.

We recommend that you include carbohydrates in your post-training meal. If you want to provide your body with quick energy immediately after training, you can also prepare a carbohydrate drink based on Maltodextrin or Cluster Dextrin in a shaker.

How to improve muscle recovery

When you exercise, your body needs more energy. In order to produce this energy, your body uses the amino acids in your muscles. This leads to the destruction of your muscle fibers.

It is therefore essential to provide your body with protein and amino acids (protein components) in order to rebuild your muscle fibers after training.

We recommend that you include a fast-absorbing protein such as Native Whey in your post-exercise drink to quickly stop the phenomenon of muscle catabolism and to speed up your recovery. You can also add BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) to stimulate protein synthesis and optimise your recovery. 

How to improve joint recovery

Injury or pain is one of the main causes of a drop in athletic performance. Protecting your joints is therefore an important issue if you want to progress in your sport.

Intense physical activity causes microtrauma to the collagen fibers. The slow repair of these fibers leads to a weakening that can lead to injuries or disabling pain.

In order to accelerate joint and tendon recovery, we advise you to take daily collagen supplements. This will allow you to compensate for the increase in your collagen needs due to the microtrauma of your tissues.

How to improve nerve recovery

Intense training not only damages muscles and joints, it also has negative effects on the nervous system. It is during our sleep that the nervous system regenerates itself. However, athletes usually experience sleep disorders because training causes nervous tension. There are natural supplements such as zinc pidolate and magnesium pidolate which have relaxing properties that can help you sleep better and thus promote optimal recovery.

In order to bring you a complete recovery, we have designed Night Recovery Protein Blend. This blend of proteins, collagen, amino acids and minerals improves muscle, joint, tendon and nerve recovery at night.

Written on 12/6/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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