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How to lose weight with proteins?

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Would you like to know more about the anti-fat impact of different protein powders? Nutrimuscle offers you to learn more about protein powders and their effect on weight loss.

How to lose weight with proteins?

Whether you are athletic or sedentary, a protein diet can help you shed extra pounds and fat. We will explain to you how, thanks to various mechanisms of action on the body, proteins are your allies in your goals of dryness.

Why can protein help you lose weight?

Proteins have a thermogenic effect

The thermogenic effect is wasted calories in the form of heat. During the process of digestion and metabolism of food, our bodies use energy. This is why certain foods that are complex to digest like protein burn calories.

One study (1) compared the thermogenic effect of protein with that of carbohydrates. Men and women received either a high protein meal (50% of calorie intake) or a high carbohydrate meal (95% of calorie intake). As a result, the thermogenic effect of protein was 14% compared to only 6% for carbohydrates.

In conclusion, eating protein allows you to waste more calories and burn more fat than with carbohydrates. So, for the same calorie intake, you can lose weight faster thanks to protein.

Proteins elevate metabolism

Most weight loss diets lose weight by increasing catabolism (the destruction of muscles). To succeed on a diet that preserves muscles and fights fat, you must on the contrary raise your metabolism. Proteins are therefore foods that should not be neglected.

Indeed, proteins supply the muscles with amino acids and thus make it possible to fight against the destruction of muscle fibers (catabolism) and to stimulate their growth (anabolism). By promoting anabolism and limiting catabolism, protein elevates your metabolism and therefore increases the rate at which you burn fat.

Proteins have an appetite suppressant effect

Eating protein modulates the hormones that control appetite levels: leptin and ghrelin. Proteins therefore provide a greater satiety effect than other foods. In summary, eating protein helps you reduce your calorie intake.

Which protein to choose for weight loss?

Fast proteins: whey and whey isolate

These proteins are said to be fast because they are assimilated and digested quickly by the body. These are proteins that come directly from cow's milk. Whey or whey concentrate contains 80% protein. The whey isolate is obtained by a cold ultrafiltration process and contains 90% protein.

These proteins are ideal after training for preventing catabolism caused by intense workouts and for stimulating anabolism quickly over a short period of time. Both whey and whey isolate elevate the metabolism, leading to better fat burning. These proteins are useful in order to better recover between frequent workouts. They don't feel full, so they're ideal if you want to eat right after your workout.

Slow proteins: micellar casein and egg protein

Micellar casein, the solid part of milk, is a protein that is much slower to absorb than the whey's one. It provides the muscles with amino acids in a constant and prolonged manner. This then makes it possible to maintain a high anabolic level over a long period of time and to burn more fat during this period. In short, you keep your muscles while burning more fat.

Micellar casein is slowly digested and has a powerful appetite suppressant, so it's ideal if you want to space your meals further apart. It also moderates the appetite, which can help you with your weight loss. If you want to take a protein when you wake up, at lunch or at bedtime, micellar casein is the protein of choice.

Egg protein, like casein, is slowly absorbed and digested. It also has a filling effect, ideal for losing extra pounds. It provides a great source of amino acids to the muscles over a long period of time and keeps your anabolism high. It is an ideal protein for those who cannot tolerate milk.

Mixed protein

If you want to combine the benefits of whey and casein into one protein, protimuscle is ideal. It allows rapid assimilation with whey then prolonged thanks to casein. This versatile protein helps you maintain muscle mass and its appetite suppressant effect allows you to eat more space and eat less during the meal afterwards. This makes it a very interesting protein for weight loss purposes.

Scientific reference

(1) Acheson KJ. Protein choices targeting thermogenesis and metabolism. Am J Clin Nutr 2011;93 525-534

Written on 12/23/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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