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Are you wondering how to go about choosing your proteins? Perhaps you are undecided between two different types of protein. Nutrimuscle supports you by providing all of the essential information regarding which proteins your should go for.

Whether you lead a sedentary or active lifestyle, proteins are the essential muscle-building base material.

The sedentary person can satisfy his/her protein requirement through diet (meats, eggs, fish, legumes or oilseeds).

As for athletes, they have more elevated protein requirements. In fact, within the context of weight training, with recurring training sessions, muscles are called upon to a higher degree. Proteins are thus necessary in order to repair damaged muscle fibres (muscular recovery) and are essential for the development of the muscles.

The different types of protein powder 

Whey: the rapidly absorbed protein

Whey is the most popular protein, and the one that is generally used by those who practice weight training. Whey referred to as 'native' whey is derived directly from cow's milk, which guarantees superior quality to the whey referred to as 'cheese whey'.

There are two main types of whey:

Native whey, or "whey concentrate", contains 80% protein and is absorbed in 15 minutes.
Native whey isolate is obtained by means of a process of cold ultra-filtration, which enables the acquisition of an optimal concentration of 90% protein. Native whey isolate is also low in carbohydrate and sugars. It is absorbed within the space of 10 minutes.

Micellar casein: the slow absorption protein

Micellar casein, or casein isolate, is a protein obtained directly from milk, by means of filtration. Casein isolate is a protein with a greater casein purity than a simple casein concentrate. It is assimilated within around 7 hours.

Egg white protein: the medium absorption rate protein

Egg white protein is ideal if you are looking to diversify your sources, or if you are lactose intolerant. It is a fantastic source of amino acids. It can be digested very easily and is ideal for those who are intolerant to milk. It is assimilated within 3 to 6 hours.

Other proteins of animal origin

There are other powdered proteins, such as cheese whey or beef/chicken proteins.

Cheese whey : this type of whey is a cheese waste product Although its protein level is on a par with those of native or milk whey, its aminogram is skewed on account of chemical manipulations and the addition of GMP. We discuss it in detail in this article.

Beef protein : this type of protein may seem appealing, however, generally speaking, powdered beef proteins are of poor quality. In face, their sourcing can be somewhat dubious and, in order to compensate for this lack of quality, sellers at creatine, BCAAs and lactoferrin. We discuss it in greater detail in another article.

Chicken protein : as with beef protein, this type of powdered protein generally comes from low-cost raw materials with ingredients added to mask the poor quality of the protein. We have a more detailled article on this subject.

Vegetable proteins

Vegetable proteins generally contain hemp, pea or rice proteins. The main difference between vegetable proteins and animal proteins lies in the aminogram. The proportions of amino acids are not optimal in vegetable proteins, which is not conducive to muscular development.

Choosing the right protein

Your choice of protein should be based on the objectives you are pursuing. As such, you should choose one protein over another based on your objective and the timing of your meals.

Your objective is to build muscle mass

Prior to training:

We advise that you take native whey or native whey isolate. In fact, these are very quickly assimilated proteins, and as such they do not weigh down your stomach during training.

Native whey isolate assimilates more rapidly (within 10 minutes) than native whey (15 minutes), which means less work is required on the part of the stomach.

For rapid assimilation and a deep action on protein synthesis, it is very effective to take a combination of native whey and native whey isolate. Musclewhey brings these two proteins together, for powerful anabolism.

At bedtime:

Prior to going to sleep, we recommend that you take a slow assimilation protein, which diffuses within 6 to 7 hours. Casein is the ideal choice in order to stop nocturnal catabolism (muscle breakdown) and to stimulate anabolism during the night.

Your objective is to shred

If you want to dry out, that is, to optimise your muscle definition by loosing fat without loosing muscle, we advise that you look no further than casein. In fact, this protein has a hunger-busting affect that is effective when on a diet. What's more, over the course of several hours, it provides the muscles with the amino acids they require in order to develop.

A mix of rapidly absorbed anabolic protein, such as whey, with a slow absorption anti-catabolic protein, such as casein, is recommended for muscle drying. Protimuscle is a mix that combines 50% whey + 50% casein, thus benefitting from an ideal ratio to help you realise your objective of drying out.

Your objective is to recover more effectively

Native whey or native whey isolate after training are a good choice in order to provide the muscles with good sourcew of amino acids, with a view to repairing the muscle fibres and stimulate muscle synthesis.
You could turn to musclewhegg, a mixture of native whey and egg white protein, enabling better recovery thanks to it being an exceptional source of amino acids.

The proteins to choose depending on the timing of your meals

While it is good to know which proteins to favour depending on your sporting objectives, it is also useful to know which type of protein to take depending on the timing of your meals. Here we provide you with a few examples:

In the morning, at 08:00 am, you can take a protein with casein or an "egg" protein, provided you are not planning to snack before the midday meal. If you are planning to snack within 2 hours, go for whey isolate.

In post-training, if you perform your training from 4:00 - 5:00 pm, you could take Protimuscle, or a protein with casein if you will be eating within the 4 or 5 hours afterwards. We recommend that you take BCAAs in addition to casein, post-training, in order to improve the synthesis of amino acids. If you eat within 3 hours afterwards, we advise that you take whey. If you eat within the hour after training, we recommend whey isolate.

You will have gathered that in order to choose your protein well, you have to ask yourself the right questions: what are my objectives? What is the timing of my meals? And you have to be aware of the differing absorption speeds of the various proteins.

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