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High protein breakfasts help you lose fat

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Did you know ? High protein breakfasts help you lose fat. Nutrimuscle tells you all about the subject.

High protein breakfasts are good for your health

If the importance of breakfast is no longer to be demonstrated, it seems that more and more "specialists made in the internet" are advising to avoid protein in the morning. Here are further scientific studies that completely challenge these fanciful claims.

For 12 weeks, overweight adolescents were given a breakfast that provided either:

  • 35 g of high organic quality protein;
  • 13 g of high organic quality protein;
  • No breakfast at all.

Skipping breakfast increases your risk for diabetes (1-2).

On the contrary, a high-protein breakfast helps to better stabilize his blood sugar levels, while avoiding episodes of hyperglycemia. These spikes in blood sugar recur throughout the day for no apparent reason in people who have not had breakfast.

You must exceed an intake of 30 g of protein to fully reap the health benefits of breakfast (1).

With only 13 g of protein at breakfast, individuals spend almost 5 hours in hyperglycemia (an episode very harmful to health, because having too much sugar in the blood is toxic for all our cells). With 35g of protein at breakfast, they only spend 24 minutes a day in hyperglycemia (1).

High-protein breakfasts help you lose fat

High-protein breakfasts help with weight loss because they prevent the release of hormones that increase appetite (3 - 5).

This effect is long lasting throughout the day.

Eventually, teens who ate high-protein breakfasts regularly lost weight because they ate less than others when no one asked them to either diet or be careful.

It is therefore quite naturally, without effort, that they obtained better control of their appetite thanks to proteins. Over the 12-week period, only the group taking 35g of protein lost fat, while the other two groups gained fat (3).

Scientific references

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Written on 1/10/2022 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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