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Contamination of whey by GMP (Glycomacropeptides)

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Nutrimuscle discusses with you the subject of contamination of whey by GMP or Glycomacropeptides.

Contamination of whey by GMP (Glycomacropeptides)

One of the main markets for whey, apart from sportspeople, is food for newborns.

However, we do not give GMP to children, because they can be toxic (1).

Babies should therefore be given either:

  • Dairy whey naturally devoid of GMP (high-end, more expensive formula).
  • Cheese whey in which we have exfiltrated the GMP (low price formula). But, in this case, what to do with all those GMP that we have eliminated from whey?

Solution 1: get rid of GMP by dumping them in the sewer. This is an uneconomical strategy.

Solution 2: we resell the GMP to whoever wants to buy them. We are not going to make a lot of money out of it, because GMPs are not very expensive to trade, but the money withdrawn is always that of recovered.

GMPs are conventionally bought by processors (intermediaries between the manufacturers of raw materials and the sellers of supplements). These semi-wholesalers mix them with their classic whey in order to reduce the cost.

So instead of having cheese whey that contain 20 to 30% GMP base, we can easily go up to 50% and some whey have even been measured at more than 80% GMP after these additions. allowing the price per kilo of cheese whey to be reduced.

Warning: some rules of caution

  • It is therefore advisable to be wary of whey, especially the first prices;
  • You have to demand the GMP content of your whey;
  • We must avoid brands that go through manufacturers instead of buying directly from dairies.

As a reminder, Nutrimuscle:

  • Does not use whey cheese, rich in GMP;
  • Uses exclusively dairy whey, naturally devoid of GMP;
  • Does not add GMP to its whey or its proteins;
  • Do not go through contractors so as not to sell diluted or adulterated products;
  • Buy directly from producers;
  • Provides the certificates of analysis proving it: native whey, Musclewhey, Native whey isolate;
  • Also provides full product analyzes and the names of suppliers.

Scientific references

(1) Rigo J. An infant formula free of glycomacropeptide prevents hyperthreoninemia in formula-fed preterm infants. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2001 Feb;32(2):127-30

Written on 12/27/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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